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Anonymous - Phoenix, Arizona

This has been an issue I would say for the past week. I have restarted my computer, restarted my browser (Chrome) and still have the issue. The page loads but it’s black and then very slowly the images of the shows to select finally start to show up, taking a full 10 minutes to load on each new page

Ed Hubble - Palomar, California

Netflix freezes our Roku 1 repeatedly. It usually happens when we pause a show and then try to exit to, say, turn on the closed captioning. Or, when we press the go back 8 seconds button.

The entire device then freezes up and we have to unplug the Roku, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in.

It’s getting old very fast!


Only chrome works, thanks to the rotane’s post below I was able to get firefox run it via google’s user agent. Yesterday (haven’t been using netflix for a few days) it was working with the user agent until I’d press play. I get code M7361-1254, tried the fixes help section provided to no avail. Presently I’m gathering strength to contact customer service.


I just baught a Vizio smart TV. hooked it up to my wifi and it seems to test fine. I’ve streamed Youtube fine, but it seems to have issues with Netflix. It loads good, shows me all the movie thumbnails like it should. But when I click on a movie it plays for about 5 seconds then gives me a back screen saying “We’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title” with tvq-pm-100 in the corner. I have reset the router and the tv with no change. Netflix works fine on my other devices.

Charles - Riverhead, New York

For the last two months NetFlix has been requiring me to log in on my LG 50 inch Smart Plasma TV every time I want to watch even though I never log out and the LG Smart TV software is up to date. I purchased an LG TV because it came with the NetFlix App and NetFlix claimed it was compatible. After two months of NetFlix Help claiming NetFlix has engineers working on this issue, NetFlix has been unable to resolve the problem.

Sasha - Norwich, UK

For the past week nothing has been able to play (displaying error 103 for downloads and “try again in a few minutes” for streaming) on my iPad. This is the device I normally use, so it is starting to annoy me greatly.


Works fine in Chrome, but not in Firefox (50.1). The entire website is grey, with only the Netflix logo on the top left. It’s the screen where i should be able to pick my profile, but nothing appears to select.

If i copy the logout link from Chrome and paste it into the address field in Firefox, i can successfully log out and then back in. The profile picker appears, but once i select one, only half of the next page loads: a big background picture with a spinner on top and a few thumbnails, but i still can’t click on anything. Search field also doesn’t do anything. It’s as if JavaScript is disabled (which i know is not).


can’t login on any new devices/browsers for days now. either “password incorrect” or after a few tries (with a 100% correct password) “technical difficulties”
Tried with several browsers and OSs. (Chrome, Firefox; OS X, ChromeOS)
Working well on all devices and browsers (Safari, Roku, FireTVs, FireTVSticks and an iPhone) where I am already logged in (for ages)
Tried chatting with CS today, to no avail. Guy didn’t get my problem, when he eventually asked me to reinstall my browsers (yeah, good idea on ChromeOS) I aborted the chat. My time’s to valuable for bs.

I refuse to reset my password as I’m afraid to lose the ability to use Netflix on all currently working devices/browsers as well.

Given, my password is weak, all lowercase and no numbers/special characters. However, if they want me to change that I expect a proper prompt after login and not this bs.

Fed up and about to cancel my account. (At least I have one working browser left where I can do that 😀 )

Scott - Camas, Washington

My problem is similar to Keith’s posted 12/7. At least once every minute and sometimes even more frequently either the video and or sound just cuts out for several seconds rendering the content virtually unwatchable..
I am a network engineer. My Internet connection via XFinity is 235Mbps download and 12Mbps upload. The test which Netflix embeds in my Roku4 streaming player indicated my connection to Netflix is 29Mbps. All devices on my ethernet and 80211ac wireless networks are of recent vintage and performing well. I have a Netgear Nighthawk wireless router. As a test I connected my Roku4 player via 1Gbps ethernet with no improvement in the issues.
I have persistently pinged various sites on the Internet and am seeing no packet loss whatsoever and the latency is low.

coyote - Den Haag, Oklahoma

After a password change done from the browser, the Netflix app on my 2016 Panasonic TV does not load. It gets up to the point that it display the Netflix logo and a round running thingy below. There it sits forever. It there anyway to reset the Netflix app on the TV without returning the whole unit to factory settings? Thanks.