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After many years of horrible performance from Netflix (or NetFLUX as we call them), we decided that it was time for the public to have a forum. There is a lot of negative commentary about Netflix problems on the Internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated on one website.

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What color is this dog? Netflix Problems

MJ - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I was having so many issues that I cancelled the NetFlix service. Searched the internet and found this ‘issues’ site…and I’ve had them all. Reminds me of our cable service Time-Warner and all the same issues with ‘overload’ problems. Not ‘customer’s’ fault.

F.Thomas - Merritt Island, Florida

for 2 days straight, netflix will play any title for 2 minutes then stop and will not reboot that title.I have check every 2 hours for the last 48 and it is the same as ever. I think we all should recieve a refund for services NOT rendered!!! Make Netflix pay for our fustration and fix their obvious server overload problems!!! C’mon Netflix, we pay you enough, why not return the favor??? Money is scarce these days and every penny counts!!!! (Like Netflix really cares about their customers!!! yea, right!!!)

Noel Bailey - Peterborough

I started watching episode 1 of ‘The Crown’ on my iPad mini last night. I stopped after about 40 minutes.
This morning I thought I’d resume watching on my Apple TV (4th Gen).
Netflix ‘knew’ what I’d been watching and I got the ‘continue watching’ option.
However, I was not able to resume where I’d left off – I had to scroll to find the position.
Strangely, though, I watched another ten minutes on the ATV, then went back to my iPad, which was able to resume from where I’d got to on ATV. So I watched another ten minutes on my iPad, went back to the ATV, but it was only able to resume from where I’d previously got to – NOT from where I’d got to on my iPad.

Anyone else had this issue? It’s not serious – just annoying.

Angela - St. Louis, Missouri

After calling Netflix the other night and told to reboot my Sony Bravia Smart TV (I unplugged it from the wall, pushed the power button to “de-charge”) and doing the same to my router and modem I was happy that it was moving faster but I’m still getting the same issues. When the TV is first turned on it goes the home screen. I push the Netflix button on the remote and it gives the prompt that it’s going to the app but then goes back to my home screen. I have to do this four to five times before Netflix even tries to open. Once it’s open it plays for about an hour and then buffers up to 25% and then gives the error code reading “We’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title” TVQ-PM-100 (3.3-302). I spend my days off catching up on the shows that I’ve missed while working and to be honest I’m getting tired of having to deal with this. So is this a TV problem or is it a Netflix problem? I don’t play Netflix on any other devices myself but my son has it on his TCL Smart TV and he doesn’t seem to have any issues BUT he’s more likely playing a video game that watching TV. I’m getting pretty tired of this and help would be appreciated.

Ashley - Fairfax, Virginia

Only on my PS4 when watching Netflix, and only Netflix, do I get the error code tvq-pm-100. What is this and why does it keep happening. It used to only happen with a show here or there, now it’s almost every 5-10 minutes with anything I try to watch. How do I/Netflix fix this issue? What is the resolution?

Hesham medhat - Cairo

I bought google home with chromecast and I tried to play travellers tv show using google home and it was OK after that I couldn’t play any movie or tv show using google home with netflix when I try error message appear on my tv (we’re having trouble playing this title right now) or Google home say I couldn’t find title or can’t play right now I can cast any title from netflix using my android device but I just can’t cast using my Google home and I can cast youtube from google home I tried to reboot both devices and tried to factory setting but the problem is still

Hannah - Lutz, Florida

Tries and fails to load when I watch episode shows. Takes about 4-10 minutes of watching to occur. Movies play fine. Other streaming apps all work. I’m tired of seeing the swirl get to almost 100% and then quit.