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After many years of horrible performance from Netflix (or NetFLUX as we call them), we decided that it was time for the public to have a forum. There is a lot of negative commentary about Netflix problems on the Internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated on one website.

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What color is this dog? Netflix Problems

Hesham medhat - Cairo

I bought google home with chromecast and I tried to play travellers tv show using google home and it was OK after that I couldn’t play any movie or tv show using google home with netflix when I try error message appear on my tv (we’re having trouble playing this title right now) or Google home say I couldn’t find title or can’t play right now I can cast any title from netflix using my android device but I just can’t cast using my Google home and I can cast youtube from google home I tried to reboot both devices and tried to factory setting but the problem is still

Hannah - Lutz, Florida

Tries and fails to load when I watch episode shows. Takes about 4-10 minutes of watching to occur. Movies play fine. Other streaming apps all work. I’m tired of seeing the swirl get to almost 100% and then quit.

Zola - Auckland, Tennessee

I have a xbox one and when I updated the netflix app in Jan, netflix fails to stream content. Everytime I get an error message, Title is unavailable, please try later (netflix error: tvq-pm-100). I have rung netflix, done all the trouble shooting you can imagine and I still have the same problem. I am not a noob and have done everything properly. All other streaming apps work on my xbox, only netflix fails to work. HELP!!!

Gordy - L.A, California

The info , i , * , button is not working anymore and it’s not right for u guys to change that on us ….. It was nice to see the resolution u were buffering at . It’s nice to know if ur internet speed is producing 4K, 1080p 720p or 480p …. And that’s the only way to really find out if ur internet speed is up and producing the content at its fullest

Doug Alder - Perrysburg, Ohio

I have a 2016 Samsung KS9000 smart tv. After using Netflix, then going to another app, I can’t get Netflix to work again. It will show me the ‘bottom’ row of Netflix shows I have watched recently, and I can access those. However, I can’t use any functions such as pause, ff, etc, and I cannot go back out of the show or search for a show. Really weird, the only thing that helps is for me to unplug the tv every time. I’ve talked to Samsung, they provide a one-time fix that does not last more than a day. I’ve uninstalled the netflix app, and reinstalled, but it doesn’t help. Any suggestions? Most likely a Samsung problem, but they can’t seem to help. thanks.